Stock Market Analysis and Database stress Test for scalability and performance

If you believe more in a scientific approach than the feeling, you have probably elaborated a strategy and set the rules for buying or selling in addition to the fact that you spend more time analysing news which can affect the volatility of your investment product.

The questions you may be asking yourself at this stage are :

  • How good is your strategy?
  • Will your strategy pass a Stress test if we run it through the last 10 years?
  • How can you optimize your strategy to maximize profit?

Our approach is quite simple… we can hardly predict the future, but we can analyse historical data on a particular product and run a Stress tests on it to discover best strategies to deal with it.

Obviously, a ten (10) years database with every second variation end up with more than 53 Millions records, developing a strategy takes on average a week and testing on such database takes around three (03) hours.

What we can provide you is the following:

  • Source the database from your product.
  • Develop the initial Strategy you have in mind for a Stess Test.
  • Run a Stress test on the strategy and provide you the results with graph similar to this one.
  • Suggest alternative strategies to avoid traps encountered on first Stress Test.
  • Exchange ideas and develop alternative strategies.
  • Provide Runtime program for the Strategy simulator so you can run it on your own machine ( windows Only ) and change parameters when needed.

Please note that the strategy we’re providing at the end is the one which could survive all crisis & market collapses, so do not expect a profitability of more than 20% per month, any strategy with results above 10% average profit per month and tested over ten (10) years data is considered as a good one.

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