GPS provides Door to Door integrated logistics services to the oil & gas industry. The main asset of the company is professional people with international experience and HSE conscious.

GPS can provide the following services:

Project Management

GPS Intl logistics team is specially set up to handle integrated projects for oil & gas operations. All planning, procedures and execution can be handled as a package by GPSI team to enable our clients focus on them core responsibilities. Click to see Onshore Preperations Process in Zarzis Free Zone.

Freight Forwarding, Air/Land/Sea, regular and Chartering

GPS Intl subcontract this activity to 'Worldwide Energy Logistics Group' (WELL), a very active freight forwarder and a shareholder in the company. WELL have an excellent reputation in the Oil & Gas market and conducted many complex freight operations worldwide. WELL also have a good international network for regular freight and fully understand the Oil & Gas culture and requirements.

Customs clearance

Customs clearance is essential to the rapid delivery of materials to their destination. Our status as an offshore company allows us to operate inside the Zarzis free zone and during the transport to the boarder, with a total exemption of taxes and bank guarantees, which makes export to Algeria and Libya much easier. Click to see :
Customs Clearance Process in Tunisia-Zarzis Free Zone.
Temporary Export & Import for Resident Companies through Tunisia-Zarzis Free Zone.
Customs Regular Process in Libya.
Samples Export Process through Kurdistan-Irak.
Direct Clearance for local Consumption in Morocco.
Customs Clearance � Temporary Admission in Morocco.

Inventory Management

GPS Intl can manage client inventory though it's SKOLMS online system interface from A to Z. Client can log into the system on real time from any location through the web interface. The system includes Receiving Reports & Delivery Notes modules which interface with the stock system and create automated transactions on each entry. Every entry in the system is logged with date time and username for auditing purpose. At the end of each project, the material supervisor extracts all in/out transactions and compiles a reconciliation report for the client. Click to see
Material receipt Process in Zarzis Free Zone.
Material receipt Process in Erbil Base.
Offshore Material Issue Process.
SKOLMS Presentation.
SKOLMS User Guide.

Mobile equipment provision and management

GPS Intl subcontract mobile equipment with credible contractors and improve them service standards by imposing GPS Intl standards & procedures. GPS managers and supervisors make sure the subcontractors comply with the standards and understand the culture of the company in regards to HSE&Q.

There is an acceptable range of mobile equipment in the area and in close proximity of Zarzis. Mobile Cranes up to 400T are available in country and desert trucks 6x6 can be mobilized in a few hours. Heavy lifts trucks are not common in the area and limited to 200T but can be mobilized from Italy in a very short time.

Stevedoring services

GPS Intl subcontract this service to the most credible company in each port. This service is highly considered by GPS Intl as the standard of services is still lacking quality in North African ports, although this is a high potential risk service.

GPS Intl management remediate to this lack of standard by making sure no lifting is done without GPS Intl supervision and continually enforcing the standards among the Stevedoring agents.

Offshore Containers

GPS Intl has its own offshore containers fleet, rated to DNV 2.7-1 which is the highest standard in the industry. These containers are visually inspected after each rotation by GPS Intl personnel to make sure all Oil & Gas ( Ex UKOOA ) requirements are met, and ISPS requirements if requested by the customer. Click to see
CCUs use Process in Zarzis Free Zone.
CCUs Quarantine Process.

Diving and ROV services for offshore installations

SAROST, is one of GPS Intl Shareholders, and has over the past years developed a fleet of Remotely Operated Vehicles and a team of competent ROV surveyors, supervisors and pilot technicians able to coordinate complex inspections and interventions in depths of up to 800 meters.SAROST, is one of GPS Intl Shareholders, and has over the past years developed a fleet of Remotely Operated Vehicles and a team of competent ROV surveyors, supervisors and pilot technicians able to coordinate complex inspections and interventions in depths of up to 800 meters.

Supply vessels provision and management

GPS Intl have also close contacts with the most important vessel companies worldwide and can subcontract vessels as per client specifications or act as a maritime advisor when required.

Pax in/out Processing and offshore emergency response

Passengers handling and movements is a painful task in a big project, and proper management of this task require a lot of attention and coordination. GPS Intl, not only can handle this task, but can make sure it fits within the ERP requirements or can even elaborate the ERP for the client when needed.

Helicopters Flights Management and coordination

GPS Intl can coordinate with the offshore facility and the client to manage the helicopter flights effectively and provide customer with a weekly planning schedule at the end of each day, in addition of Huet checking and dispensations management.

Adhoc procurement on behalf of client, local or international

GPS Intlsubcontract also this activity to 'MUSCL', who have extensive experience in supporting international upstream operations. The range of goods sourced includes oilfield materials such as OCTG, pipeline, marine hoses and valves, etc.

Route surveys

In order to deliver a large or heavy load a detailed route survey is undertaken. We take into account road surfaces, street furniture, obstructions, turning circles, safe overnight stops, security, fuel facilities, mobile workshop facilities, bridge and quay strength, axle weights, crew shifts, accommodation and a myriad of other details that are essential to project success.