References: Examples of our projects

Integrated Logistics Services
Client: TOTAL E&P Libya

GPSI is acting since June 2008 as TOTAL E&P Libya Logistcs Provider out of Zarzis Supply Base. The whole management of the base is done through GPSI Team. The following Services are provided :

  • Freight Forwarding
  • Customs Clearance
  • Local & International Transport
  • Inventory Management
  • Mobile Equipment Provision and management
  • Offshoer Containers and Rigging Loft Management
  • Vessels Agency
  • Stevedoring services
  • Procurement
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Supply Base Management
Client: Mabrouk Oil Operations

GPSI acted from June 2009 till March 2012 as Mabrul Oil Operations management Team for the Tripoli Marine Base. GPS, through it's libya affiliate WGPS, provide the following Services:

  • Tripoli Marine Base Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Mobile Equipment management
  • Offshoer Containers and Rigging Loft Management
  • Vessels Agency in Zarzis
  • Managing of all third Party Contractors in the base
  • Procurement
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Logistic support for the installation of a sea line.
Client: Technip Coflexip

The services provided by GPS for this project were mainly logistic. Stevedoring and handling at the port were part of the operation, but the coordination with custom clearance and port administration was the focal center of the project, which without, couldn't have been a success.

  • Logistic support for the supply and installation of sealines
  • Transport of materials and equipment from Tunis
  • Stevedoring services
  • Procurement 
  • Crew change
  • Training of qualified personnel (welders, riggers, pipe makers, 
    NDT controllers ...)
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Rig Galileo III
Client: AIFI - Baker Hughes inteq

Project Galileo III was a challenge that proved to be a success. GPS (GPS) put all its power into this project to make every minute of it worth the effort. Transport and Road development were the elements of the project.

Transport of heavy and over-sized equipment over more than 450 km from the Zarzis port to the Algerian town of Rhourde El Baguel. The development and construction of more then 30 km of new roads in the desert was what made a long journey a 14 day drive through the desert.

  • Door-to-door transportation and movement of Heavy and over sized materials.
  • Over sized material : 37m x 10m x 10m = 165 T
  • Transport over more that 400 km of roads, and over 358 obstacles of which are 125 electric lines.
  • An operation involving 80 persons, two months and a half of preparation and
    Fourteen days of convoy transportation
  • Construction of 30 km of new roads in the desert

Client: Challenger

Maintenance is what gives a project a long-lasting and reliable situation.
Full maintenance services were what GPS supplied for Challenger. The Restoration of the state of the rig, cleaning, painting and repairing works, regulation control and supervision were only a part of the whole package.

  • Reception, storage and maintenance of a drilling rig Cabolt 900
  • Repairing, renewal, painting and other maintenance jobs.

Hook up of BD1 platform
Client: Saidem Bouygues Offshore

In addition to stevedoring services and Procurement, GPS provided Manpower for this Offshore Company. It Assigned and trained a staff of qualified welders, riggers, pipe makers, Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) operators, supervisors, scaffolders ... and more than 9000 hours of offshore operations.

  • Transport of materials and equipment to and from the offshore platform
  • Stevedoring services
  • Procurement
  • Crew change
  • Training of qualified personnel (welders, riggers, pipe makers, NDT controllers ...)